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yUp Adjustable table base

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Our heavy-duty model, the yUp is designed for rugged performance and durability.   In addition to the performance features, the table comes out of the box ready for quick final-assembly as the legs are hinged to the frame and you simply need to unfold the legs and insert the final screws to pin it together.  

In addition to the latest in anti-colllision software, the yUp features an internal gyroscope that adds an extra level of safety that accommodates the 'soft-landings' when there isn't an actual collsion to activate the anti-collision software.   

Use the 4 presets on the touch screen controller to find the right spots for your posture and workstyle.  

The low-profile foot is made of heavy-guage steel to offer an extra level of safety.  More weight down low offers a better balance equation.  When the table top full of computer gear and papers is raised to the top, the weight shifts and these tables can get more tippy.  The cheap tables use cheap, light-weight feet and will create a less safe environment. 

With a 350 lb. lifting capacity, the yUp is a workhorse that delivers on all the ergonomic and performance metrics.  



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